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  • Ukun Beach, Okinawa

    Ukun beach is striking for one reason above all others: the long stretch of pavement that extends out into the ocean, give high or low tide. It’s immediately beautiful, kind of poetic, but probably had a practical use at some point. Perhaps what was once used as a fishing pier, now remains a complete wonder for adventurers of every kind.

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    / July 5, 2019
  • My Okinawan Secret

    there it stood with all of its Instagram potential swinging ever so lightly in the breeze. It was almost like I was staring a Unicorn in the face-except maybe a fraction as exciting. This thing was undercover, unpublished, and yet we had it all to ourselves (cue the angel choir.)

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    / February 1, 2019
  • Prologue

    When I was younger, I wanted exactly three things. I required three horses of no specific breed, my own private library complete with a sliding…

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    / June 8, 2017