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    When I was younger, I wanted exactly three things. I required three horses of no specific breed, my own private library complete with a sliding ladder that glided across my collection of books (Belle-style), and I wanted to travel the world and write about it. Not too tall of an order, right?

    Little me was so cute.

    I think of these things as the plane I am currently aboard descends slowly into the island of Japan. In so much of the same space, building tops rich with lights blaze beneath the clouds as the edge of the Pacific Ocean kisses those Okinawan sands for the thousandth time. Or so I imagine them to be. Even further away are the mountains rich with vegetation. They are so impossibly green, it makes me feel giddy. I feel like my insides are no longer tethered to one another, but instead just floating freely while my heart beats in wild rhythms.

    Even though I might never have that cool ladder (thanks Disney), present me is about to embark on a three year journey in far off lands where I will be doing all of the adult things. Sans horses. It would mean waking up tomorrow in a new bed and some portion of a scheme I managed to cook up to explore the island as much as possible. And what is equally cool, is the fact that I am here, in my own space on the internet, and Johnny from North Dakota might care.

    MaybeThat’s my goal at least.

    But perhaps these are the silly, idle thoughts of a girl who has sat for far too many hours and averaging about three hours of sleep. I cant really sleep on a plane, guys. I also can’t ignore what lies just beyond the window seats either.

    But I digress.

    In the time that it has taken me getting to Japan, I endured four separate airports, several *grueling* overlays, and about an entire year of not seeing my husband due to conflicting schedules. None of that was particularly easy. But then again, the glamour of traveling AND living a military lifestyle doesn’t exactly call for all of the comforts now. I’ve grown to understand that. Lucky for me, though, Brandon is waiting just on the other side and every hour I have traveled up to this point has brought us closer together.

    I am happy. Really, really happy in these moments just below the clouds. I think a lot of people from back home expected me to be reluctant to leave my life in Georgia. But in all honesty, I don’t know if I am programmed to be ‘reluctant to leave’ when all I feel is the drive to go.

    The flight attendant took her last stroll down the aisle and politely reminded everyone to put their seat belts back on. It was almost over. My heart trembled at the thought of what Okinawa held past those exit doors. While I was still very much seated in the aircraft, my mind was a zillion miles away (as it tends to be). I think: the whole world I’ve waited for and now, it seems, the world was waiting on me…

    More to come

    XOXO Angel

    Lounging on the Seawall

    Sometimes I sit on really sea stained walls and think, ‘oh, what a lovely place to take pictures at!’ And then I do.

    But beyond the cement (and my blindingly fair legs) are tens of snorkelers and paddle boarders. There are feisty crabs and a shoreline brimming with oysters that the ocean lulled to the edge of the sea. It’s all quite incredible.

    The Sunabe Seawall is easily one of the most congested streets in Central Okinawa. Not only is it a red-hot spot for barhopping and casual cafes-in which you are bound to find a restaurant you enjoy-but you can also have just as good of a time running or biking. If you’re anything like me, you will load your camera up with pictures of various (note: very random) things and then  go for that well-deserved run.

    I do have to mention that this particular spot is not the most ideal for sunbathing. There are so many more agreeable options like Okuma or Cape Maeda that will suit your sun-kissed ambitions more favorably.

    That aside, you are *SUPES* likely to love what the Seawall has to offer.






    Overcast in Okuma

    If you ever get the chance to stay in Japan, I highly recommend visiting the turquoise beaches of Okuma. Here, there are fantastic fishing grounds, excellent snorkeling waters (even for the timid beginner), and breathtaking views of the mountains in the distance. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself wanting to stay overnight! But rest assured, there are camping grounds if you wish to make the most of your trip!

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