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My Okinawan Secret

Unicorn Sighting

There it stood with all of its Instagram potential swinging ever so lightly in the breeze. It was almost like I was staring a Unicorn in the face-except maybe a fraction as exciting. This thing, this swing I had been looking for for weeks was so elusive that I was beginning to think it had been harboring some kind of mystical properties. LOL. This swing was grand and wooden….the seat itself was probably big enough to seat three and I was practically salivating at the thought of having this entire IG DREAM to ourselves. Someone cue the angel choir please, because it turns out that combing the entirety of Google Earth had finally paid off! Hells yeah!!

To top off the exciting goodness, Brandon (my cutie husband) and I discovered that there was not only a grand swing but an entire flipping flower arch too! The entire beach, the swing, flower arch was ours for the day–which means complete, uninterrupted beachside bliss with all the freedom to click away (our poor Nikon.)

With no one in sight, this particular opportunity to was positively brilliant. I will say, tracking down our swing wasn’t just about a few decent picture and posing my bum off for the ‘gram. It has only EVER been about uncovering a piece of Okinawa that I haven’t been to before, peeling back the mostly un-treaded bits of the island, and sharing it with wanderers like myself. Even though the island IS small, Oki packs a lot of surprises.

Lucky for us though, Brandon has a bit of a gift for land navigation and I seemed to have acquired the talent for being relentless when I want to find something. #Sagittarius 😛

If you would like to know where this treasure is, please DM me on Instagram @angelbriley 

I would truly love to know that somewhere I am being read. And I would additionally love to share my secrets with you as well. So please don’t be a stranger. I am personally inviting you to reach out with your inquiries.

As far as my skirt is concerned, it’s called “The Juliet” from Bliss Tulle. It is truly such a beautiful piece and you might notice in the photos below that I am mostly twirling (literally all I want to do when I put this garment on!) You can find the link to my skirt here!

I could use a bit of a hairbrush here, no?
That feeling when the wind blows in all the right places.

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