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Micro-Influencer? That is practically a dirty word as far as most content creators are concerned :P But I’m not going to sugar the term up, throw sprinkles on it, and ask it do to the salsa when it will decidedly mean the same thing at the end of the day. So friends, welcome to my digital diary!! Here is where I will share how I navigate my success on social media and share all of my tips and support along the way! Happy Reading!

Micro-Influencing in the Making

My Origin Story

Bleck. Who dreamed up that dirty word: “micro-influencer?” I mean, what actual crack in the Earth did that word crawl up out of anyways?!?!

Call it what you please. I’m not going to sugar the term up, throw sprinkles on it, and ask it do to the salsa. Any term that I use today will decidedly mean more or less of the same thing. Although, I do prefer to use  “Digital Nomad”, or maybe even “Content Creator.” But will I suddenly fall from grace if I use that word: Micro-influencer? Gasp!! I hope not!

Because I kinda have this dream.

It goes something like this: The year is 2021 and Brandon and I are on a flight to Tulum, Mexico, both travel drone and husky in tow. I’m oozing with the confidence of a 27 year old who *somehow* managed to get her emotional affairs in order. I have also become an unstoppable force that documents absolutely everything because….well, one: I have the memory of a chicken and two, that means I made it. 

I admire those beings with truly remarkable, entirely singular nomad lives. And believe me, I am hungry for it with no plans in sight to settle.

Its a bit of a pipe dream at this point but at least its an honest one I am willing to admit.

So here I am, blogging, keeping myself accountable as best as I know how, setting a clear goal, and a general path to get there.

You see, this is the first post I am writing that’s not necessarily for anyone else’s benefit. This is for me. Although, I do plan on sharing my strategies, my progress and plateaus, and what I learn along the way. So. With that being said, welcome to my chronicles, my digital diary. The t-blogger tracker. You get the picture. Get it? Picture….since we are talking about Instagram….

I’ll stop now 😛

I am well aware that I am stepping afoot into a mass-coveted industry. There are people breathing Moroccan air at this very moment because someone asked them to be there. Isn’t that grand? That is my fairy tale: traveling, showing my friends pieces of the world, learning from the very planet I inhabit, and potentially getting compensated for my movements. In a way, I do feel like I’m wading in a jungle for the first time with a dull machete and a pint-sized bit of knowledge on its wildlife. Instagram is its own jungle and one day, I hope to be on the bigger side of it….whatever that might mean.

So my goals are as follows:

  1. Reach 2k Followers by the end of 2019
  2. Be entirely transparent with my successes and failures, while documenting each of them
  3. Engage with accounts and women who have similar goals to myself (there are so many great communities for this)
  4. Reach out to Resorts & Hotels in which I may be able to offer traffic to for practice.
  5. Create my own Media Kit. If you are on a journey like my own, you can find really great templates on Creative Market (You will have to pay for them though.)
  6. Learn to be okay with the prospects of ‘no.’
  7. Begin my Bachelor’s in Marketing in the Year 2019 (That sounds a lot like now, so I guess I should get started LOL.)

My Strengths:

  1. I happen to live on a tropical island with good weather 10 months out of the year.
  2. Brandon is an incredibly supportive husband who has mega talent (for a novice) behind the camera. I would owe everything to him.
  3. No matter what I aspire to do/be, my family believes in my own unique power.
  4. I am constantly looking for opportunities to flex my creativity. 
  5. Endless Possibilities
  6. I want this so badly, I can feel it in my bones
 My Weaknesses:
  1. I have social anxiety even over the internet. (Also please know that I do not throw that term around lightly. I have met with a psychologist on many accounts.)  
  2.  My followers consist of less than 1k (850 to be exact.) 
  3.  I am green as a bean in this space. There are so many factors I still need to learn about the industry that I hope I can only gain through experience.

So there it is. My naked dream sorted out on the internet. Is it a long term one? Who the heck knows!! I am working on my own practical real-life dreams in between the crazy ones too. The main thing I am trying to prove to myself is: Can I do the impossible? Can I make that actually happen? In a very bad-ass book titled, You Are A Badass, Jen Sincero says,

“But what if you had the audacity to leave your excuses and your shame about wanting to be huge and fabulous behind and really went for it full-on anyway? What if you decided to do the most outrageous, most exciting thing you ever dared fantasize about, regardless of what anyone, including your terrified self, thought? THAT would be living.”

You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero P. 80

What a terrifying, beautiful thing it would be to accomplish the very goal that sets my heart ablaze with the prospect of infinite possibilities.

This post is for anyone that might share similar aspirations, whether you might be further along in your journey or similarly at square one. Square one buddies!! I will continue doing regular updates about my growth and I will share anything noteworthy in hopes that it might help you too. 

So this is an introduction of sorts. I most definitely intend to keep this series going.  Laid out for you are my strengths, weaknesses, my goals, and where I am currently standing in Instagram’s graces. 

Let’s do this! *Fist bump*



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  • Reply Daddy

    Baby, you can make it happen. Just get out there and do it and know that I’ll always be watching you.

    May 2, 2019 at 10:33 pm
    • Reply angelbriley

      You got it <3

      May 26, 2019 at 7:36 pm

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