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30 Instagram Hashtags You NEED to Use in Okinawa Japan

I’ll keep this short and sweet, yeah? Okay. So by now you might be aware that hash-tagging on Instagram is an excellent way for other users to find your profile, and if you have a nice page, you might even gain a few followers from using the right ones.  With so much competition to be seen, guess what? Some of the basic tags you’re using already have millions of posts!! While that is amazing and beneficial for the app, the problem with using big hashtags is that they will BURY your feed if you don’t have a big following (much like myself). The trick to being noticed on this platform is using specific hashtags that are relevant to your picture that also prove to be a growing hashtag. I have researched THIRTY hashtags that will increase your Instagram’s traffic–that is if you are living in Okinawa OR have taken a trip here. Lucky for you, there’s a lot to capture 😉

Happy Tagging!


  1. #Okinawa_love ~23.6K (especially good for showcasing your best beach Photos)
  2. #okinawalife ~126k Posts
  3. #Okinawa_holic ~3,800 Posts (Use this hashtag if you have a following of 500 people or less. its a good way to be featured!)
  4. #okinawaphoto ~18,300 Posts
  5. #discoverjapan ~214k Posts
  6. #okinomnoms (If you are just looking for excellent hashtags to view ONLY food, this is for you.)
  7. #okinawajapan~177.5K Posts
  8. #japanphoto~128k Posts
  9. #scenery_lovers ~75,000 Posts
  10. #awaywego ~38.4K Posts
  11. #beachescape~36.9K Posts
  12. #okinawahai ~3,000 Posts
  13. #Genic_okinawa ~69.1 K Posts
  14. #Genic_beach ~ 92 K Posts
  15. #Genic_travel ~ 550 K Posts
  16. #okinawatrip ~84.1 K Posts
  17. #okinawa ~ 6.1 Million Posts (This one is too obvious right?!)
  18. #ig_japan ~7.7 Million Posts (Hear me out. This is one of those big, beastly hash tags I was talking about earlier. But not to worry! Including one largely used tag will not hurt your views!!)
  19. #nipponpic ~385 K Posts
  20. #jp_views ~ 458 K Posts
  21. #loves_okinawa ~116 K Posts
  22.  #okinawaholic ~33.1 K Posts
  23. #lostinoki ~9,000+ Posts
  24. #beokinawa ~14.3 K Posts
  25. #okilife ~55.5 K Posts
  26. #okinawacafe ~39.2 K Posts (Looking to post your awesome foodie pics? This is your hashtag 🙂 )
  27. #visitjapanjp ~375 K Posts
  28. #bestjapanpics ~ 2.3 Million Posts
  29. #japan_camera ~56.2 K Posts
  30. #daily_photo_japan ~114 K Posts


Okay, friends. That Just about wraps up my hashtag list!

For funsies:

(Fingers crossed 😉 )

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    There’s 31. #okiangel. Love ya baby

    September 26, 2018 at 5:32 am
    • Reply angelbriley

      Dad you’re still reading this?!?! and Im just seeing this?! thanks daddy. love you lots 🙂

      November 2, 2018 at 7:14 pm

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