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Ukun Beach, Okinawa

Ukun beach is striking for one reason above all others: the long stretch of pavement that extends into the ocean, give high or low tide. She’s immediately beautiful, kind of poetic, but probably had a practical use at some point. Perhaps what was once used as a fishing pier, now remains a complete wonder for adventurers of every kind. In fact, the pavement itself is SO compelling, you’d be hard pressed to AVOID walking its path. Yeah, you heard me right. This beach I happen to have googly eyes for quite literally hosts a lengthy piece of concrete. It’s really what makes her stand apart from all the rest.

So naturally, my girl pal and I set out, as a pair of unlikely detectives, to search Miyagi Island for this all-too elusive Ukun Beach. I heard whisperings about this beach amongst other Americans but we were coming up short after a rather *unsuccessful* trip out. I’ll spare you the fun details on HOW we finally found it (read: these fun details I’m referring to are fancy for “I knew a girl who knew where it was.” LOL) Way to go, Sleuth Angel 😛

Lucky for us, Ukun Beach wasn’t going anywhere fast.

The beach is beautiful. The tide comes and goes over the pavement as the moon pleases and yet, the concrete just remains there as it has for decades.

It is something so simple but just genuinely enjoyable, kinda like a certain swing I know about 😉 So I definitely implore you: if you have kids, take them to this spot tucked away on Miyagi Island. If you are in possession of a camera, take its picture and revel, much like me, in the artlessness of it all. It’s not proud. It doesn’t boast anything extreme. Ukun Beach just happens to be embellished with a bit of concrete and it makes for a wonderfully good time AND you’ll leave with a collection of unique photos. Absolute novelty, it is!

So here are some general directions on your journey there:

If you type in “Ukun Beach” on Google Maps, this will take you directly here. Some soul has also pinned it as “Brian’s Beach” so please note that if this pops up, you’re headed in the right direction. At some point you will find a Black Diamond Sign with a White Tree to use as a landmark. Turn Right and you will find your way down a trail complete with parking available for your destination. Hopefully now that you possess the knowledge of its covert location, you too can appreciate this pavement’s cracked glory. Go on and make some memories then!

A free spirit wandering an ocean pavement on the island of Okinawa, Japan.

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