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Wayfaring the Sands of Maeda Flatts


That’s the sound I imagine whenever my toes happily mingle with a sandy beach. In fact, it kind of reminds me ‘sploosh,’ which if you have ever read the book Holes, you know exactly what I’m talking about 😛

Today, there could be nothing on this Earth that would shatter my glorious, wet peace. Looking down at my feet, there are little droplets of the East China Sea clinging to my calves as the water rushes back to the shore to flirt with my skin. First, there was breakfast at the Pancake House (banana and chocolate are a dream together) and a photo shoot at noon with my love, to which we were both at the mercy of the unforgiving sun.

The Island Life has certainly been good to us.

Oh, and Hi to the boaters boating behind me. It’s a gorgeous day for a light paddle and I am thinking that I might join them out on the Pacific just as soon as Brandon snaps a good picture or two. I would not actually join join them, though. Because your girl is an introvert in case you didn’t know. So for now, I’ll continue to enjoy the smooshing (not splooshing) of the sand beneath me and watch the beach reset itself as it washes away the imprints of my wayfaring feet.




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