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I have torn my way through oodles and toodles of travel guides to find destinations I can pack into my weekend exploring. Which, I’ll admit, is quite easy to do since almost everything on the island of Okinawa is practically a gold mine for adventuring. Giiza Banta is no exception.

Only, this particular location isn’t as well- known as one might think. Even to a large majority of the locals. But I’d like to change that.

I stumbled across this beauty from a small recommendation nestled in the very nook of the internet (how else do you find anything these days?) The only thing I really gathered from the post was that it was NOT kid-friendly, and to pack my sturdiest set of tennis shoes. Oh, and the pictures. Giiza Banta boasts hundreds of tall coral formations and many in which I had to climb to get to this point. It is a tad dangerous to climb to say the least, but incredibly healthy for the venturesome bit in you thrill-seekers out there. So your most reliable (read:nonslipping) pair of shoes is especially important for those wild climbs. If you are the type that prefers both feet on the ground, clambering up the sharp mass of coral isn’t always necessary. There are gorgeous waterfalls (one is hidden behind a staircase on the left side of the bluff) that are only a short hike away from where your vehicle is parked.


Enjoy the view!




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