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The Rope Swing at Cape Kyan

It hangs from the jagged coral, still as the water beneath it. It promises adventure, a sweet swing, and a short thrill. I grip the rope tightly and peek over the edge into the turquoise depths. There’s massive boulders and ultra-teal fish swimming about in their home. This place is utter magic and my happy heart stammers in my ears. Am I even holding onto it right!??!

I’m jittered. Feeling quite bouncy and thinking about the plunge ahead. Of course I make sure to stall by asking Brandon to take copious amounts of pictures before I go. “I got it; I got it,” he promises, snapping away.

I hear the final click of our Nikon when my body tensed for the jump.

I crash into the water. The salt burns my lips as my head, the last to go, is submerged underwater. I am kissed by the ocean all at once–and reminded again why I hate water in my ears. Brandon hollers above the surface, clapping for my epic swing.

It’s so curious to me that fear and thrill go hand in hand. That rope swings are synonymous with astronomic amounts of joy.


-Angel on Cape Kyan


If you are looking for the Rope Swing on Okinawa, it is located on the southern tip of the island called Cape Kyan. But it can be a bit challenging to find. The easiest way to find it is by plugging in “Gushikawa Castle Ruins” into your Google Maps. There is a small grassy area for parking your vehicle. When packing for your day trip to the tidepool, I definitely recommend wearing water shoes because you will have to climb down a large mass of coral and tread on sharp bits of it before reaching the rope. Once you climb down, keep trekking to the left and you will finally find yourself at the rope swing.


If you have enjoyed the rope swing at Cape Kyan yourself or if you’ve stumbled across my blog in hopes of finding it, please feel free to leave me a comment below. I’d love to hear  from you! <3


Enjoy my friends! 🙂

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